Wil Putland
Defensive Line Coach

Coach Putland is a genuine Tartan, but played in the darkest chapter of the team’s history: the winless years of 2004-2006. After graduating, he moved on to the Regina Thunder for five years, playing linebacker and special teams. In 2012, after finishing his playing career, he joined the coaching staff as the defensive line coach and thoroughly enjoyed the new culture of success with the Tartan program. He coached for two seasons while finishing his degree at the U of R, and then left the team in 2014 due to the commitments of his new job. In 2015, he moved back to Regina and took a job that will not allow him to be at the field every day, but will allow him to spend considerable time analyzing game film for the team. The hope is that in the years to come, his work duties will be condusive to getting back on the field full-time as a coach.

Coach Putland is no longer single, but his love for farming seems to be a bit of a hindrance to “Gittin er done.”