The Ransomware Threat: What to Do About It?

2016 saw the threat of ransomware take off, growing by an estimated 300%.  Non-targeted ransomware grew slowly but the increase in the malware targeted at business accelerated.  The ransomware threat has grown from 18% of all malware In January 2016 to over 66% in 2017 as reported by Malwarebytes.

Frequency of Ransomware Attacks

Individuals were attacked once every 20 seconds while business saw an attack about every 2 minutes at the start of 2016.  By the end of the year the attacks were occurring once every 10 seconds against an individual and once every 40 seconds against a business.


Cost of Attacks

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that ransomware damage costs will exceed $5 billion in 2017; up more than 15 times from 2015.  Additionally Symantec reports that the average ransom demand in 2016 was $1077, a 266% increase from the year before.  Kaspersky Labs advised that 20% of companies paying a ransom did not get their data back.

Intermedia, calculated the costs to include damage/destruction to data, downtime, lost productivity, post-attack disruption to the normal course of business, restoration and deletion of data and systems, harm to reputation, and employee training in direct response to the ransomware attacks.

Defending Against Attacks

Key to mitigating damage from a ransomware attack is Backup.  Checking backups regularly will ensure they are updated and complete.  Here are some dos and don’ts regarding backups.


Back up all your data regularly. The plan should ensure that the amount of data lost after a ransomware attack is minimized as much as possible.

Check the status of backups. Ensure backups are completed successfully, and resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Have some offline backup copies. Data stored offsite, on tape or other offline media isn’t as easy to compromise as local backups. If an attack is successful the hackers may also try and compromise the backup system to prevent restores. Offsite & Offline backups reduce that risk.

Perform regular restore tests. Knowing data is backed up is great, but you should verify that restores work. Don’t wait until the restore is needed to see if it works.


Don’t use the same credentials for everything. Backup credentials should be used only for that purpose. The more people who have access to the credentials, the more likely it is they will be compromised.

Don’t ignore suspicious behavior. For example, if data is encrypted, incremental backup sizes will increase dramatically and backup jobs will take longer. This may indicate that data has been compromised.

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DeltaVault Congratulates Saskatchewan’s Provincial Champion Campbell Tartans 4A Football Team!

DeltaVault Sponsors the Campbell TartansThe first year DeltaVault sponsored the Campbell Tartans 4A football team turned out to be a memorable season.

The Tartans turned an incredible 5-1-1 regular season into a Regina City Championship before dominating in the Provincial Final for a 44-15 victory over Saskatoon’s Centennial Chargers on November 11, 2017.

I can’t thank the Tartan’s players, coaches, and staff enough for their dedication and hard work.  They have  provided hours of excitement and entertainment throughout the year and, on a personal note, have made the transition from living in Vancouver to life in Regina a much more enjoyable adventure.

I have to thank Coach Wil Putland for being so passionate about the team.  He peaked my interest in the team and his excitement led me to working with him to establish the Tartan Award.  The award was given weekly to the Outstanding Tartan (player or staff) and this year consisted of a 2 movie passes, 2 drinks, & popcorn.  Although the award was meant to allow the players to enjoy some downtime with friends or significant others I heard that Coach Putland was disappointed that no one invited him to a movie.


DeltaVault Backup & Regina’s Excel I.T. Consulting Team Up!


DeltaVault Backup Meets A New Partner!

One of Regina’s I.T. Leaders, Excel Consulting is now offering DeltaVault Online Services.

Excel Consulting Ltd is a full service I.T. solution provider in Regina, SK, Canada.  In business since December, 1989 Excel is now offering DeltaVault’s Backup services.

Excel Sells, Services, and Supports most brands of hardware, software, and network products.  Excel delivers prompt, cost effective, on-site Technical Support Services for business and residential clients.  Excel serves Small to Mid-Sized Business and Home Offices and those who need an experienced hand with the more challenging projects. We also offer Internet Domain and Website Hosting and other Cloud Services for small business customers.

Our system specialties include Microsoft Windows, Linux (SuSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu), OpenVMS and most brands of UNIX (AIX, SCO, and Sun).  We are Value Added Resellers for a wide variety of computer hardware, software, and networking products including Microsoft, HP, and Lenovo. We are a Gold Level Reseller for AVG Technologies antivirus and security software.

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